Move in Move out Cleaning

Standard move in move out cleaning in every room consists of:

Detail all baseboards, walls, light fixtures, ceiling fans, blinds

Vacuum and mop all floors

Detail all doors & door frames

Detail vents

Detail window seals and windows

Detail light switch plates

Remove cobwebs

Remove all rubbish


Living, Dining, Hearth, Family, Bedrooms, and other Rooms

Clean inside of closets, cabinets and any built in drawers and shelves and all of above list applies to these rooms.



Detail kitchen cabinets cleaned inside & out (we will remove dishes if they have not already been removed)

Detail all drawers and pantries as well

Detail all countertops, backsplash disinfected

Detail the inside & outside of all major appliances


Bathrooms, Showers and Jacuzzis

Disinfect tile, grout, shower doors, shower door jams, all fixtures, floor

Detail toilet: inside & outside, rim, bottom of toilet, sides, front and back and walls surrounding toilet

Detail Mirrors and vanity light fixtures

Detail Countertops

Detail inside & outside of cabinets and drawers



Detail each piece of furniture

Detail all knick knacks

Vacuum all upholstery


Utility Room 

Detail inside of washing machine and outside of washer and dryer.

Detail and sanitize sink and polish faucets.

Detail all countertops.

Pull machines out and detail clean under them.

Edge as needed, getting all corners.


Garage and Unfinished Basement

Remove cobwebs and clean water heater

Sweep & mop all floors

Clean any & all shelves