Residential Cleaning List

Residential Cleaning Service Lists

MIKC ServicesMaid In Kansas City wishes that all our clients are happy and excited about the services rendered, and so, to help set an expectation of the service to be received the following lists give an overview of what our cleaning services entail.

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Every Room
Window Sills
Picture Frames
Light Fixtures
Light Switch Plates
Ceiling Fans

Dismantle stove (cleaning burners &pans, taking knobs off and polishing stove.
Clean all back splash.
Everything on your counter tops will be cleaned thoroughly.
All counter tops sanitized.
All cabinets spot cleaned.
Inside of fridge cleaned and organized.
Inside of microwave cleaned.
Outside of all major appliances cleaned.
Floors cleaned via floor vac or mop according to floor type, wood, marble,

Sanitize Shower, shower doors, grout, tile, door jams, organize shampoo bottles.
Sanitize toilet seat, rim of toilet, inside, outside, tank, base and surrounding wall.
Sanitize all vanity lights and mirrors.
Organize and sanitize all counter tops.

Dining, Living, Hearth, Family Room, & other
Dust tables (top to bottom)
Remove all items from furniture and clean, clean each piece and return accordingly.
Lamps and lampshades.
Sanitize phones.
Vacuum upholstery, move cushion, vacuum both sides of cushions and beneath.
Vacuum and groom all carpets.
Floor vac and mop all floors according to type.

Change linens, if provided.
Clean all furniture.
Move and clean all items of furniture.
Vacuum and groom all carpets.
Electric broom and mop all floors.
Vacuum under all raised furniture.

Utility Room
Wipe down machines.
Scrub sink and counter.
Polish chrome and dry sink.
Wipe down woodwork and open.
Remove any cobwebs.
Empty garbage.
Move clutter off floor.
Vacuum around machines.
Edge as needed, getting all corners.