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Residential Services & Cleaning List

Maid in Kansas City, Inc. wishes that all our clients are happy and excited about the services rendered. To help set an expectation of the detail premier cleaning to be provided are listed under the services drop down menu which gives an overview of what our cleaning services entail. 

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Residential Cleaning Services

Maid in Kansas City Inc. is the go to premier  residential detail cleaning service. Maid In Kansas City Inc. is a full service cleaning company with the ability to adapt too many different cleaning requirements and circumstances. Maid in Kansas City, clients know exactly what to expect - integrity, efficiency, and exceptional results. With our strong customer service policies and our ability to serve you with many varied cleaning methods you will never need to hire another cleaning company after you have contracted with Maid In Kansas City Inc.

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Move-In/Move-Out Services

Maid in Kansas City Inc. specializes in move-in/move-out cleaning. Whether you’re selling or purchasing a home we understand there are few things more stressful than moving. Let our cleaning technicians ease your mind and take care of all the fine details. We believe that a clean environment sends a caring message, maintains the value of real-estate.

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Remodel Services

Maid In Kansas City Inc. has the experience and skills necessary to take care of your remodel cleaning needs. Your complimentary proposal comes with a complete cleaning schedule customized for cleaning your Remodel project. We sell quality service at an affordable price which includes everything to do the job right. We supply complete cleaning staff, complete equipment and supplies, complete insurance, complete satisfaction.


Ready to schedule your customized detail clean 


Residential Cleaning

Our current price for a Residential Clean is $111 per hour for a team of 3 cleaning technicians; $37 per cleaning technician, per hour.  

Subject to Change 

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Move in | Move Out Clean

Our current price for a Move in/Move out Clean is $135 per hour for a team of 3 cleaning technician; $45 per cleaning technician , per hour.

Subject to Change 

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Remodel Cleaning 

Our current price for a Remodel Clean is $150 per hour for a team of 3 cleaning technivians; $50 per cleaning technician per hour. 

Subject to Change 

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